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"When I walked through the doors of Windermere Wedgwood for the first time in 2005 I was apprehensive. I believed that the world of real estate was probably very competitive and cutthroat. I feared that veteran brokers would be leary of my success and cautious of helping me learn and grow. What I found was quite the opposite. On my first day two veteran brokers took me out to tour homes. When I got back another veteran showed me the ropes of the MLS and how to search for homes for my clients. I couldn't have been more wrong in my concerns. At Wedwood I found the most generous and friendly group of people I could have hoped for. A group who recognized that water raises all boats. That by having the best brokers possible in house, we could all benefit. They took me under thier wing and taught me to build my business, the "right way", the Windermere Way. I fell in love with this place and the people and never left. Today, I am proud to continue that tradition of support and training. We have added exponentially to our training over the years and the amount of time it takes a new broker to get up and runing has been reduced dramatically. If you are looking for a lifestyle not a job, are hardworking, and above all can see the long term benefits of putting your clients needs first, I'd love to talk."
Rob Graham, Branch Manager

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From classes, to weekly training, accountability groups and even formal mentoring, it is essential that we put each of our brokers in the best position to succeed.  


The tech revolution is over.  The winners are those that embrace new and ever evolving technology to better serve their clients.  We have cultivated the best tech available to make you a better broker and business pro. 


Technology, marketing, transactions, and more.  From your own modern work space to access to a professional marketing team, even our own economist, you have all the support you need to create a thriving business. 

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Our history

Windermere was founded in 1973 by John Jacobi and has since grown to be the industry leader in the Seattle area.  Wedgwood is proud to be the second Windermere office created. With over 40 years of history and tradition within our walls, come see why so many call this place home and choose Wedgwood as their base of operations to build their dream business.

Our principles

Successful brokers and brokerages have embraced a new model.  Gone are the days of slick sales pitches, and good riddance.  The public deserves to know that their broker is in their corner and has their best interests at heart.  Earning the trust of your client base is the best and most successful way to build a business.  In short, do the right thing and good things will happen.   For your clietns and for you. 


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