Local School Information

Seattle School Information
Being a former School Psychologist in the Shoreline School District, I understand that finding information about local school districts is a major consideration.  Here are my recommendations for web sites for finding out more information about all of the local school districts
School Digger – Great web site with a funny name.  On this site you can compare Seattle schools by standardized test results, and a variety of other demographics.  Dig to your hearts content.  
GreatSchools.net is an excellent resource for parents of school age children. It has all kinds of articles about being a parent of a school age child. 
 SchoolMatters.com is another excellent resource to find out information about specific teachers, schools and districts. In fact you can look at other parent's comments about specific schools and teachers.
The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) maintains a fantastic site they call the Report Card.  You can look at district or school information and see a wealth of information on test scores, demographics and historical data.  
Here are web sites to specific districts: